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KALOO Moonlight Nightlight Bear "123"

by Kaloo

KALOO Moonlight Nightlight Bear "123"
49,50 €

44,55 €

The Kaloo "123" Rechargable Nightlight provides a soft glow to calm your little one at night.

 Unlike traditional nightlights that plug into the wall, Kaloo's rechargeable nightlight is a soft Kaloo character that can be hugged and squeezed to calm nervous little ones.
The bear has a soft led rechargeable light ball in its tummy that can be removed when the toy needs to be washed.
It's a perfect companion, lighting the way down the hallway for those all important late night trips.
The light charger during the day and will last at least 6 to 8 hours on a full charge.
It comes with a charger in a beautiful keepsake box.
Size: 23cm  / 9" approx.
Ref.: 962561